Hand antiseptic (spray), 50 ml

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This is more than just an alcoholic antiseptic. 

An ideal formula and an unbeatable composition will provide your skin with reliable protection. 

After all, the remedy does not only disinfect the hands, but also contributes to the rapid healing of minor skin damages thanks to pantenol. 

Glycerin moisturizes the skin and cares about its beauty and health.


- Provides disinfection;

- Prevents the transmission of viruses and infections;

- Has a prolonged antimicrobial effect for 3 hours.

In our line are color variants of antiseptic-spray, which differ in their individual aroma:

- Crystal (transparent)

- Aquamarine (blue)

- Malachite (green)

- Coral (pink)

Composition: isopropyl alcohol – 60%, prepared water, a mixture of quaternary ammonium compounds – 0,11%, flavoring, glycerol, panthenol, dye.

Form: liquid.

Volume: 50 ml

An individual reaction to the components of the product is possible depending on the specifics of your skin.

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