15 cc First Feeder Bottle System Dr. Brown’s

15 cc First Feeder Bottle System Dr. Brown’s
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This bottle system provides infants with the benefits of the smallest feeding volume in a reliable fluid delivery system. The First Feeder has easily identifiable graduated markings from 1 cc to 15 cc providing the most accurate fluid measurement of colostrum, human milk, and/or infant formula.

The First Feeder is an excellent choice when selecting a bottle to offer an infant’s initial oral feeding shortly after birth when direct breastfeeding is not available, initial PO trials, feeding volumes of 15cc or less per feeding; and/or post-operatively. The universal threading on the Dr. Brown’s® First Feeder allows the mother to pump colostrum or breast milk directly into the vessel. Once the liquid is pumped, mom can place the nipple selection appropriate for the infant to deliver the colostrum or breast milk via oral administration.

  • Each Dr. Brown’s® First Feeder includes a 15 cc BPA-free bottle vessel and either an Ultra-Preemie (purple collar/cap) or Preemie Flow® (pink collar/cap) nipple.
  • Each First Feeder is fully assembled and individually wrapped in bulk case of 50 feeding systems/case.
  • Provides infants with the earliest opportunity to orally feed safely and efficiently from a Dr. Brown’s® soft, supple silicone nipple, providing the most reliable and consistent flow rate to support positive early oral feeding experiences.
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