hebaCARE baby lotion

hebaCARE baby lotion
hebaCARE baby lotion
hebaCARE baby lotion
hebaCARE baby lotion
  • Brand: hebaCARE
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Gently massaging your baby becomes a pleasure with the hebaCARE baby lotion. 

It is the ideal skin care for sensitive baby skin. 

It provides extra moisture to particular dry baby skin without being greasy. 

This caring baby lotion absorbs very quickly and forms a protective layer that keeps baby’s skin soft and supple. 

In addition, the hebaCARE baby lotion protects baby's skin from drying out and leaves a pleasant smell.

The hebaCARE baby lotion with nourishing sunflower gives the baby skin extra moisture and contains no allergenic or harmful raw materials. 

The skin tolerance is dermatologically tested. 

Made in Germany, vegan (containing small amounts of beeswax) and free of parabens, mineral oils, dyes, phthalates and silicones. 

According to German Cosmetic Regulation without preservatives and without PEG or PEG derivatives.

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